The Madness
By Devin Carthan (@WeAreReckless)

He Lives in madness, life in shambles
He becomes the savage, that can’t salvage
His own existence in the midst
Of chaos and confusion
Living illusions of The Merry Go Round
He smiles so Blindly
To how it goes around
In a circle un-moving, stagnant within
Stationary time
A parallel existence
Living a blissful ignorance because
It seems as thought master’s friendly
He wants to get his shine on,
Even if that shine is dim, fuck it his psyche swarming
With thoughts of proper hood movements
So he doesn’t come off phony, to his niggas
On the corner, slinging rocks
Your 9 to 5 doesn’t fit his image

He has moments of clarity where he is
Soul searching, lost in a small room
Of self stranded, not noticing the evils
In the world around him
Eyes wide shut, glazed over
Blind to the secret code of the times
Under the pressure
Of colossal forces mysterious
Struggling; fighters spirit within
Misguided fury directed towards his own people
Reason… Pain is all he sees in his slums
And lack of education is abundant
Survival instincts kick in,
Thus he is
A hustler,
A Father non-existent
A murderer 
An Unfilled prophecy, never told
Of internal abilities or his divinity
This is why he slings
This is why he abandons his offspring
This is what he knows
Only the strongest survive
In the concrete jungle, his home
Where it isn’t safe and sound
A Place where Constant Danger lurks
In shape shifting forms
Like a non-fiction
Contemporary ghetto horror story
Staring him, generating
Frequent sleepless nights
With the same start and finale
Running from the mysterious entity
Up stairs of infinity, to the roof
Of his project, the only escape is
Death it appears, so he jumps
Not wanting to commit suicide
Trying to grab hold of the sky

Fails to take hold of it
Falls from the heavens, Like an Angel
That has wings and
Doesn’t know how to fly
Never shown to, Never learn how to
Programmed pride will not let him.
Falling to fate, To failure
To the moment before his, Eminent death

He awakes Conquered,
Like a broken slave
Living to serve the system,
A life sentence without purpose
Living to die,
Looks in the mirror of time
He is without reflection
A Paragon to youth,
Oblivious to the future
Which doesn’t have a place for 
A soulless shell of a human being
A phantom, trapped in the mirage of living
No person with six senses
To help him break, from this nightmare
Spirit eternally lost
Perpetuating the cycle of Madness
Life in shambles
He becomes the savage, that can’t salvage
His own existence, in the mitts
Of chaos and confusion
Content with the illusion of the Merry Go Round
It’s amazing how he Smiles,
It’s amazing how he smiles so Blindly

Author of 'When a Unicorn Crosses the Unicorn'

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