When 400 years ain’t enough,
We’re living the roughest for the crumbs,
Then the gov’ment tells us it’s a crutch,
Don’t bother to turn our minds on,
That infamy so bright inside the club,
Any & every nigga love to get they shine on,
Right on!
posin’, holdin gold chains, them karats equal freedom?
Nah, we at the bar still with irons on,
how we so wrong,
How’re we the only ones living in this sin,
This is post forced on slave ships filled to the brim,
Living in filth, only the strongest survived the trip,
Endurance for more,
Tested soon as the vessel hits the shore,
Destroy the families and sense of human being,
Greed, hate inhumanity bred towards our living,
You mean it’s 2015 and the fingers pointin’ at the victims,
like this the future folk hoped for,
surviving the symptoms of extinction.
Days into nights,
bleeding the blood of our brethren from this hell,
to the heavens,
I’m holding my eyes back from the right to cry,
Only cause I know,
the Almighty made us too strong to die.

Author of 'When a Unicorn Crosses the Unicorn'

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