Ayden said daddy why are u angry,

I said cause my dreams for you turned into nightmares,

like Ted Debiase grabbed me wearing a Jason Voorhes veneer.

Things I thought I’d fix I never addressed,

so through the chains, games & smoke our folks remain a joke.

It used to break my heart, now it’s an ember of rage at my center that won’t break apart.

And it’s cool to these clowns. We’re at home performing like Ringling brothers.

Then we wonder why it’s ‘ok’ when they start wringing up brothers.

Erasing our fore fathers,

trayvon’ our children,

take it upon ourselves to ruin the women.

But it’s all about the stacks, forget the facts show me the dollar signs from the popular raps.

We’re getting so far with that as an attack…

Author of 'When a Unicorn Crosses the Unicorn'

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