Goblins, girls and ghouls continue to haunt these lesser fools,

Pale in the face of demons within me scheming on demeaning my humanity, they grab the mic screaming demands over my clarity,

7 suggestions for the promise of props but I already know what’s in the box.

7 deadly sins,

thin my religion like kings writing they’re whims onto animal skins,

oh the d’evils, that’s the devil’s sting;

sulfur twisted grin,

playing parcheesi on parchment inscribed with souls from kingdoms swept into nothing,

mans faults are nothing, no go touching the greed of the wicked,

cowards hyped on ego as they flow globally,

frequent flyer type power trips, flipping companies,

into conglomerate empires mired in controversy,

Deficiency of little mercy, consuming the innocent through a funnel,

bent like the soviet sickle holding up the buttress of a tunnel,

the light’s at the entrance, the exit gets closer to the depths,

the last breath of a gambler after he loses his last bet.

Greedy bookie, empty dome just a stone throw from home,

we’re all a stone cast from being alone, with the shadows of what’s housed in the carbon of our bones.

Men made in the image of perfection, predisposed to perversion,

monsterous appetites of destruction, crushing the decency of people.

oh the d’evils, fight ‘em, hide ‘em, like ‘em,

just realize where to find ‘em.

Author of 'When a Unicorn Crosses the Unicorn'

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