Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your focus on an assignment when it is nearing completion; especially if it required a lot of work from the beginning or you are in autopilot and just passing time. Either way, naturally one just wants to put some things behind them and move on after putting in sufficient work.

“Finish strong” is a phrase used in many situations especially athletic endeavors, as a motivational push to help end jobs as determined as you started them.

It’s important to focus all the way to completion and take no short cuts. For one, people tend to remember how things end and you are judged by what you did last. Second it builds discipline to always cap off your task with the proper intensity. Obviously it won’t be easy to constantly carry out all your missions to completion, it will take endurance and perseverance. But as we all know, nothing good comes easy!

Finishing strong can be applied to all manners of things, from test taking to conference calls. Just remember, if this is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ society; finishing strong is the best way to leave a last impression to anyone especially yourself.

“Keep trucking on, and finish strong”

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